Multiple entries in the same category not permitted

Multiple entries in the same category not permitted

Friday, February 10

Good afternoon,

With only five days to go, entry numbers are now rising rapidly. More than 1000 entries have either been submitted or are in progress.

We have noticed that some Canon Media Awards entrants have mistakenly entered the same category multiple times. The Media Award’s website states in Terms and Conditions that entrants can only enter each category ONCE unless otherwise specified. Entering multiple times gives those entrants an unfair advantage over others. We have sent messages to those people who have entered the same category several times and adjusted the system so that it will now not allow more than one entry per category.

The exceptions are: Feature Writer – General (short-form) and Feature Writer – general (long-form). These two categories can be entered TWICE. The other exception is Editorial Executive of the Year. Publishers can nominate up the THREE executives in this category.

Entry instructions
1. Go to
2. If you already have an Award Force account as a result of entering another Award Force award (for example Panpa), please log in. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link that reads "Have you forgotten your password?". This is on the log-in form, just above the 'Log in' button.
3. If you don’t already have an Award Force account, please register (your password must be at least 8 characters) and follow the steps to complete your profile.
4. Before you click on “Start new entry” you will need to go to your email and click on the verification link (in an email from the Newspaper Publishers’ Association). You may need to refresh the web page.
5. Once you begin the entry process you can "save + close" your entry/entries and go back to edit them later.
6. Once you submit an entry, you can go back into the system at any time to make changes – up until the entry deadline of midnight, February 15, 2017.

For further information:
Or contact: Jane Phare, NPA Awards Director, phone 021 500 995 or Rick Neville, NPA Editorial Director 021 279 6447
#cmanz2017 @CanonNZ #LanghamAuckland

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