2014 winners

Showcasing the best in New Zealand journalism.


Press Photographer of the Year 
Junior Press Photographer of the Year 
Best News Picture 
Best Sports Picture 
Best Portrait 
Best Feature Photo 
Best Photo Essay/Slideshow

Richard Robinson – The New Zealand Herald
Alden Williams - The Nelson Mail
Craig Simcox - The Dominion Post
Iain McGregor - The Press
Hannah Johnston - Getty
Stephen Parker - Rotorua Daily Post
Brett Phibbs - The New Zealand Herald


Best Digital Breaking News Coverage
Best Innovation in Multimedia Storytelling
Best Innovation in New Technologies
Best Digital Community Interaction
Best Video
Best Blog
Best News site
Best Website

Stuff.co.nz - Lost in the Long White Cloud
Viva - The New Zealand Herald
The Wellington Report - The Dominion Post
Mike Scott – Waikato Times/stuff.co.nz
Cameron Slater – Whale Oil
Yahoo NZ


Best Newsstand Magazine
Best Trade/Professional Magazine 
Best Magazine Design 
Best Magazine Cover 
Magazine Feature Writer of the Year 
Magazine Feature Writer Business and Politics
Magazine Feature Writer Crime and Justice
Magazine Feature Writer Health and Education
Magazine Feature Writer Science and Environment
Magazine Feature Writer Arts and Entertainment
Magazine Feature Writer Sport
Magazine Feature Writer General

New Zealand Doctor
Steve Braunias - Metro
Rebecca Macfie - NZ Listener
Steve Braunias - Metro
Catherine Woulfe – NZ Listener
Mike White - North & South
Duncan Greive - Metro
Duncan Greive - Metro
Amanda Cropp – North & South


Canon Newspaper of the Year
Newspaper of the Year (plus 30,000 circulation)
Newspaper of the Year (up to 30,000 circulation) 
Weekly Newspaper of the Year 
Community Newspaper of the Year
Best Newspaper Design 
Best Newspaper Inserted Magazine 
Reporter of the Year 
Junior Reporter of the Year
Regional/Community Reporter of the Year
Reporter Politics 
Reporter Business 
Reporter Crime and Justice
Reporter Health and Education
Reporter Science and Environment 
Reporter Arts and Entertainment 
Reporter Sport
Reporter General
Newspaper Feature Writer of the Year
Junior Newspaper Feature Writer of the Year
Regional/Community Newspaper Feature Writer of the Year
Newspaper Feature Writer Business and Politics
Newspaper Feature Writer Crime and Justice
Newspaper Feature Writer Health and Education 
Newspaper Feature Writer Science and Environment 
Newspaper Feature Writer Arts and Entertainment 
Newspaper Feature Writer Sport
Newspaper Feature Writer General

The Dominion Post
The Dominion Post
Northern Advocate
Weekend Herald
North Shore Times
The New Zealand Herald
Time Out - The New Zealand Herald
Andrea Vance - Fairfax political bureau
Sam Boyer - The Dominion Post
Sandra Conchie - Bay of Plenty Times
Andrea Vance - Fairfax political bureau
Duncan Bridgeman - National Business Review
Anna Leask – The New Zealand Herald
David Fisher - The New Zealand Herald
Marty Sharpe – The Dominion Post
Michelle Robinson – Sunday Star-Times
Dylan Cleaver - The New Zealand Herald
Tony Wall – Sunday Star-Times
Tony Wall – Sunday Star-Times
Jeremy Olds - New Zealand Doctor
Helen Harvey - Taranaki Daily News
John McCrone - The Press
David Fisher – The New Zealand Herald
Adam Dudding – Sunday Star-Times
John McCrone - The Press
Linda Herrick - The New Zealand Herald
Phil Taylor - The New Zealand Herald
Matt Rilkoff - Taranaki Daily News


Best Brand Campaign
Best Investigation
Student Journalist of the Year 
Best Artwork 
Cartoonist of the Year 
Best Columnist - humour/satire
Best Columnist – general 
Columnist of the Year 
Editorial Writer of the Year 
Best Headline 
Reviewer of the Year
Wolfson Fellow 2014

The New Zealand Herald
Kirsty Johnston - Sunday Star-Times
Susan Strongman - Taranaki Daily News
Anna Crichton - The New Zealand Herald
Rod Emmerson - The New Zealand Herald
Steve Braunias - Sunday Star-Times
Jane Clifton - NZ Listener
Jane Clifton - NZ Listener
Jane Clifton - NZ Listener
Jo Knight - Sunday Magazine, Sunday Star-Times
Chris Barton – Metro
Andrea Vance – Fairfax politcal bureau

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